One of the basic purposes of the United Bible Societies is the translation of the original Bible text (Hebrew text and the Septuagint for the Old Testament – Ancient Greek for the New Testament) in all languages of the world.

The Hellenic Bible Society has already provided the Greek population with three translations in different language levels:

  • Translation of the Bible by Archimandrite and the University of Athens Professor, Neophytos Vamvas (1850).
  • Translation of the New Testament by a group of professors from the University of Athens under Basil Vellas (1967).
  • Translation of the whole Bible in the demotic (1997) by a group of 12 professors of theological schools of Athens and Thessaloniki.

Lately the Hellenic Bible Society has been organizing a series of training seminars in partnership with the Theological Faculty of Aristotle University and the Nida Institute of the American Bible Society. This series of seminars is made to implement the relevant decision of the General Assembly of our Company in 2012 to accelerate the translation of the Septuagint in modern Greek language.

Paratext 3_53The participants are mostly young, graduate students, doctoral candidates, students and university theology professors at all levels. They are taught by Greek and foreign scientists and the training includes a theoretical and a practical part. Suggestions are developed in relation to the translation of the Bible on the relevance of translation studies, the interpretation of translators of the Bible, the approach of contemporary translation studies for translators of the Bible, the theory and practice of translation. Trainees specialize in the Paratext program, a highly specialized software for translation of the Bible which was developed and is constantly evolving from the United Bible Societies.

The Hellenic Bible Society and the Dean of the Theological School of the Aristotle University Mr. Miltiadis Konstantinou, who has the scientific responsibility of the entire project, from the beginning of the first relevant training course, hope that young translators with the specific training they receive, and the special software will directly enhance the translation work done in our country.